Products Quality

We ensure our customers that our products will reach all their expectations and satisfy their needs, by having field quality control as well as outbound plant quality control.

And we’ll make that happen by:

  • Visual inspections
  • Moisture testing
  • Lab/ PCR testing
  • Customer specs matching
  • Using a 3rd party quality control company

Field Quality Control

  • Diversified sourcing through multiple channels: partner farms, long-term suppliers, spot market
  • On going inspections, testing and authorization of seed varieties, raw material / fertilizers applied
  • Field visits during various farming stages: planting, growing, harvesting and cutting
  • Precise product labeling (stack number, grower, field, cutting, information...)
  • Core sampling and analysis by certified laboratories as per final destination and customer requirements
  • General inspection before product movement to the factory

Outbound Plant Quality Control

  • Product storage in closed and controlled warehouses
  • Completion of the proprietary «Triple Check System» where every order is subjected to a minimum three QC inspections, testing for conformity to physical and chemical criteria
  • Physical inspection of containers record and picture keeping of all shipments
  • Internal traceability of each bale / pellet /bad throughout all production stages
  • Online customer shipment tracking functionality